Lights. Camera. Action! Naga Chaitanya and Shruti Haasan filming in Norway.Lights. Camera. Action! Naga Chaitanya and Shruti Haasan filming in Norway.

The shooting of the Telugu film Premam, a remake of the Malayalam hit with the same name, completed successfully in Norway last week. Two songs depicting dream sequences of the lead actors in picturesque Norway will be a part of the film releasing this fall.

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The more you eat of this Norwegian bread, the better. 
Photo: CH / Visit Norway.

Whole grain bread is a typical part of breakfast and lunch in Norway. A recent study shows that this important ingredient of the Norwegian food culture can increase the possibility of a longer life.

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Sleipner offshore platform. 
Photo: Statoil.

Do you want to learn more about Norway as an energy nation? Everything you need to know about Norwegian petroleum activities can now be found in one place.

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Photo: Suresh Mathevan.

The Norwegian Embassy’s garden in New Delhi is home to a great variety of birds, despite its location in the middle of a bustling city. The feathered clientele includes a spotted owlet, red-whiskered bulbuls, and even a peafowl who comes visiting for breakfast.

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Pokémon Drowzee at Dalsnuten viewpoint in Rogaland. 
Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK / Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon Go mobile game has taken the world by storm. The Norwegian Trekking Association is now planning to join the trend by offering group tours to collect and train Pokémon in the Norwegian mountains.

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Photo: NIPI.

What started as a pilot training program at Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital has quickly caught the interest of many health providers. To involve parents in the care of sick newborns has proved to be an effective way to decrease infant infections and mortality.

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Lindesnes Lighthouse. 
Photo: Vegard Haugland / Flickr.

Let the waves lull you to sleep, and wake up to the sound of seagulls. Spend a night at one of the many lighthouses along the Norwegian coast that are open for accommodation.

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Photo: CEBPOL.

India accounts for almost eight percent of the world’s recorded species. Together with the Centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law (CEBPOL) in Chennai, Norway works to protect this “megadiversity” by providing expertise on national and international biodiversity policies.

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