Varanasi ghats. 
Photo: Matthieu Aubry / Flickr.Varanasi ghats. Photo: Matthieu Aubry / Flickr

India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, is sometimes known as “Ummeedon ka Pradesh” – the land of hopes – or quite casually UP. Touring the state in June, Ambassador Kamsvåg and the Embassy experienced a part of India which has not only played a key role in the history of Indian civilisation, but which will also play a central part in India’s future. Getting to know UP better is really about...

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Illustration from Norway's Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. 
Photo: MFA.

Corporate Social Responsibility – or CSR – refers to the responsibility companies are expected to assume for people, society and the environment that are affected by their activities. The extensive engagement in CSR at many different levels sometimes makes it difficult for individual companies to keep track. A seminar was recently organised to make Norwegian companies in India find their way...

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Assistant Project Manager Stuti Kashyap, Project Manager Prashant Goel and Contract Manager Vikas Narayan leads the construction of a new Norwegian embassy at the local level.

The move-in date of the new Norwegian embassy in New Delhi is getting close. The construction has been a successful collaboration between a team of local project managers and the Norwegian building commissioner Statsbygg, combining the best of expertise from two different countries.

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Participants at the NHRF seminar in Bangalore 9-10 June. 
Photo: Johan Løøv / MFA.

Human rights and social work were high on the agenda when the non-governmental organisation the Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) met with Indian partner organisations in Bangalore 9–10 June. The discussions confirmed a shared commitment to human rights and clearly illustrated the impressive vibrancy of both Norwegian and Indian civil society.

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The Oslo Pride Parade in 2014. 
Photo: Jørgen Schive / Oslo Pride.

Norway plays an active role as an advocate for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people. This week, a large festival and parade in Oslo celebrates the “Pride Month” of June.

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Peer Gynt and The Mountain King. 
Photo: Ian Brodie / Visit Norway.

Go on a theatrical adventure in Norway by following Henrik Ibsen’s footsteps. Take a sip at the playwright’s favourite café, visit one of the many Ibsen museums or festivals, and experience the same small villages and majestic nature that inspired his famous dramatic poem Peer Gynt.

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Representative photo. 
Photo: UMS.

Founded in Norway in 1997, Unified Messaging Systems (UMS) is today the world’s foremost provider of critical messaging and alerting solutions. UMS has operations spread across Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune in India. Here they develop effective emergency warning systems to help reduce the impact of disasters, including for regions in coastal India.

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Solar panels at the Norwegian research station Troll in Antarctica. 
Photo: Knut Ole Strysse / Norwegian Polar Institute.

Few would imagine solar power to stand a chance at the coldest, windiest and most inaccessible continent on earth. The Norwegian research station Troll, however, has proved that solar can outcompete diesel in Antarctica.

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