Greetings from the Ambassador

Last updated: 08.02.2017 // Welcome to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi – in cyberspace.

Dear reader,

Welcome to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi – in cyberspace.

Norway and India are physically situated far apart but relate to each other in mysterious ways. If summer temperatures continue into September, with its warm, amber light and temperatures, we call it “Indian summer”. This tells you more about the Norwegian climate than Indian summers. Likewise, many Indians might consider it very cold if the temperature drops below 20 degrees – which would be a good summer day in large parts of my country. I am brazing myself for the month of May in Delhi and its sweltering heat, whilst more and more Indians travel to the remotest parts of Norway to experience the northern lights or the midnight sun.

But the point is this: We are very close in most other respects. Our common ties are numerous. Did you know that Norway is reputed to have the best kabaddi-team in Europe? Or that Norway is one of the major investors in India?

We also share four centuries of common history. Trading posts were established in the 17th century on the Coromandel Coast, in West-Bengal and other places. Our first consulates were opened in Calcutta 1845 and 1857 in Bombay. It is also worthwhile noting that Norway was one of the first countries to recognise independent India at its “tryst with destiny” in 1947.

Even more importantly, we share the vision of a prosperous, sustainable and peaceful future based on international law and diplomacy. India is now one of the world’s largest economies and is set to re-emerge as a global power. Our common commitment to global co-operation, trade and sustainable growth strengthens our conviction that India’s rise is a positive development and a great opportunity, both for Norway and for the world community at large. Let us seize that opportunity – together. 

In a number of fields Norway and India are already partners: 

  • In 2014, the President of India, HE Pranab Mukherjee, undertook the first state visit from India to Norway – an historical occasion for both countries.
  • Norway’s Consulate General in Mumbai was re-opened by Foreign Minister Brende in 2015, after having been functional from 1857 till 1973.
  • The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, the Norwegian Pension Fund, has increased its investments in India significantly – a trend that is likely to continue. Currently the fund’s Indian portfolio stands at USD 9,2 billion.
  • Over 100 Norwegian companies are present in India today. One example is Telenor, which is the second largest foreign investor in the Indian telecom industry.
  • There is also substantial and growing collaboration on issues like research and development, renewable energy, maritime/marine issues, Polar affairs and environmental policy.
  • We have increasingly become a more attractive location for Indian filmmakers. 6 Indian films have been shot in Norway since 2011.

And this is just the beginning.

I sincerely hope for your support and interest in taking the story of Norway and India into the next chapter. Thank you for taking a first step by visiting our webpages.

Warm regards – and velkommen to the Embassy! 

Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg

Ambassador of Norway to India

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