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Empowering health workers – saving lives

07.02.2017 // Norway-India Partnership Initiative -NIPI Newborn project is now teaming up with Indian health authorities to empower health workers.

The NIPI Newborn project has had great success working together with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) in improving healthcare services for child and maternal health.  The Ministry is now turning to NIPI for assistance in yet another project – the harmonization of training packages for maternal healthcare.

The knowledge and skills of a midwife can save a mother’s life during a complicated childbirth, the treatment provided by a nurse or a doctor can save sick newborn’s life, and the advice given from community health workers enables families to give their newborns the best possible care. The attendance of skilled health workers at childbirth is vital for the health and well-being of both child and mother, and ultimately contributes to reduced child and maternal mortality.

When training to do these crucial jobs, the health workers depend on nationally developed guidelines – so called training packages – for efficient and effective care. However, currently there are duplications and conflict of messages across the existing training packages. The MoHFW is now addressing this situation, and turning to NIPI Newborn Project for expert guidance. The two have already had a successful cooperation in which NIPI Newborn Project provided technical support for revision and harmonization of various child health training packages. Now the Ministry is extending the cooperation to the maternal health training packages.

The new packages will incorporate evidence-based training methodologies such as low frequency high dose training, simulation methods using different fidelity mannequins and using IT to improve the quality of training. This work is likely to improve the skills of health workers and ultimately save lives.

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