Mr. Paul Christian Rieber, CEO and Ambassador Kamsvåg cutting the ribbon. 
Photo: MFA Norway.Mr. Paul Christian Rieber, CEO and Ambassador Kamsvåg cutting the ribbon. Photo: MFA Norway

Norway’s new contribution to “Make in India”

As producers of food preventing and treating malnutrition, the Norwegian company GC Rieber Compact has found market for opening new production facilities in Gurgaon yesterday. The 3.6 million dollar investment will triple their production capacity to 6500 tons per year. A strong Norwegian contribution to ”Make in India.”

 “We are very proud to inaugurate the new state of the art technology at GC Rieber Compact in India. It is our biggest investment in India so far,” Mr. Paul Christian Rieber, CEO of GC Rieber, told the audience during the opening ceremony.

GC Rieber Compact India Pvt. Limited was established in Gurgaon, India, in 2009. The site comprises of a branch office, factory and warehouse. The factory produces peanut-based paste products for prevention or treatment of acute, moderate acute and severe acute malnutrition. GC Rieber Compact is a part of the conglomerate CG Rieber that operates in many sectors, from shipping to salt. 

Their new production facility in Gurgaon is a 3.6 million dollar investment in new, cutting edge technology developed together with the Germany company Stephan Machinery. The new equipment allows GC Rieber Compact India to triple their production. GC Rieber Compact India has 72 people employed at their premises in Gurgaon.

Today, GC Rieber Compact export 99 % of what they produce in India to Africa and Asia. UNICEF, World Food Programme and NGOs such as Doctors Without Boarders are their main costumers. With time, GC Rieber Compact India also hopes to sell their products on the Indian market. Malnutrition is a severe problem in India, the Rapid Survey on Children (RSoC) from 2013 and 2014 concludes that 38.7% of children are considered stunted (low height for age), 29.4% are considered underweight (low weight for age), 15% are considered wasted (low weight for height).

“GC Rieber Compact India’s investment today is a strong Norwegian contribution to Make in India,” the ambassador said during his address. He also drew parallels to the Norwegian long term cooperation with India on improving pre-natal health through the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI).


You can read more about that here: NIPI

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