Visas and Residence Permits

Photo: Anders Gjengedal/ Innovation Norway.

In order to travel to Norway, Indian and Bhutanese citizens need a Schengen visa. A Schengen visa is a document showing that you have permission to enter Norway and other Schengen countries for a...

Photo: Helena Benýšková/ MFA Norway .

If you intend to stay in Norway for more than 90 days, or if you are going to work while in Norway, you need a Residence Permit. An application for Residence Permit must be submitted at a VFS Globa...

The fee for those who apply for family immigration for the first time will be increased from NOK 5 900 to NOK 8 000, and the fee for those who already have a family immigration permit, and applies for a renewal before the previous permit expires, will be reduced from NOK 3 200 to NOK 2 200. Read more

According to the Norwegian Immigration Act and regulations everyone who intends to work in Norway, paid or unpaid, needs a residence permit for work, even though the work is for one day. Newly updated circular clearifies that application for residence permit for work functions as the absolute main rule and not application for business visa. Please see UDIs webpage for further information. Read more